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I've had a long and hard day at work trying to get two reports out to the federal government by Thursday.
I'm about to go to bed, and vowed that I would not look at my personal FB feeds because it would just cause me too much additional anguish and anxiety seeing the many images of abandoned and starving street dogs in Puerto Rico, and the grassroots rescuers asking for much-needed help, and what do I do?
I look though my feeds, right before bed, and I encounter this large-framed dog, skin and bones.
My stomach is in knots and I feel nausea...it's just emotional, it's anxiety.
I HATE seeing dogs in this condition; it's inhumane.
The society is sick, sick, sick! Luckily, the dog was rescued, but we need to help the rescuers and the dog.
Animalitos de Dios PR is another of my favorite rescue group. Oh...this is never ending, and I wish it would end.
The government of Puerto Rico MUST do something about this. (Ines)


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2013年 1月27日 http://www.kellyandbuzz.com/index.php/the-hachiko-animal-federation/item/164-2013-01-27 http://www.kellyandbuzz.com/index.php/the-hachiko-animal-federation/item/164-2013-01-27 2013年 1月27日

Here is Hope with her foster mommy! Thank you foster mommy! We will soon need to find hope a FUR-ever home! (Ines)

2013 01 27 img1

This is Hope, our collaborative rescue at La Guancha in Ponce with Sulivette from Voz Canina.
In this picture, Hope is on her way to her foster mommy in Juncos, Puerto Rico.
Notice how bad the mange is.
But she is on her way to recovery!

この子はホープ、PomceのLa Guanchaでの私たちとVoz GaninaのSalivetteとの共同救助です。

2013 01 27 img2

Here is another picture of Hope riding in the car on her way to Juncos, P.R. (Ines)



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This is not our rescue, but it is one of Voz Canina's rescues. About 4 hrs ago, this puppy was left at a local shelter, one of the very few. Sulivette, our hero, could not leave him there. He has been named Zack. They are going to provide him with veterinary care and they need a foster home for his healing process. Soon, this little cutie will be available for adoption. If you wish to donate, please do so directly to her group – Voz Canina.

これは私たちのレスキューではありませんが Voz Canina のレスキューの一つです。
私たちのヒーロー Sulvette は彼をそこに置き去りにすることができませんでした。
もし、あなたが寄付をしたい場合は、直接彼女のグループ Voz Canina へ寄付をして下さい。

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Lynn who is spearheading the Hachiko Coalition's Puerto Rico animal rescue/sheltering/feeding mission shares this quote from an unknown author with all of us. So very true.


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Lynn who is spearheading the Hachiko Coalition's Puerto Rico animal rescue/sheltering/feeding mission shares this quote from an unknown author with all of us. So very true.


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2013年 1月24日 http://www.kellyandbuzz.com/index.php/the-hachiko-animal-federation/item/159-2013-01-24 http://www.kellyandbuzz.com/index.php/the-hachiko-animal-federation/item/159-2013-01-24 2013年 1月24日

2013 01 24 img3

Here is another picture of Hope at Dr. Rivera's office located in the town of Juana Diaz. She has sarcoptic mange or canine scabies and is positive for Ehrlichia, a bacteria transmitted by ticks. She tested negative for heartworms. She has been vaccinated and has begun her treatment. We are helping Voz Canina with the veterinary costs (Ines)

これは Juan Diaz の町にある Rivera博士のオフィスでのホープの写真です。
彼女はヒゼンダニ症、またはイヌ疥癬をもっています。また エーリキア、ダニによって媒介される細菌は陽性です。
私たちは獣医費用で Voz Cnaina を支援します。(イネスより)


2013 01 24 img2

This is our first rescue! Thanks to animal rescuer Sulivette from Voz Canina in Ponce, and Lynn's husband, David, this little sweet pup that we have called "Hope" will never be on the streets foraging for food and water and a comfortable place to sleep again. Thank you, Sulivette!!! You are Hope's angel. We will be assisting Sulivette with funds for Hope's veterinary expenses from the funds that you, our dear followers have donated!! Now, we just need to find Hope a home! (Ines)

Ponce の Voz Canina の Sulivette とリンのご主人のデビットに感謝をします。
ありがとう Sulivette! あなたはホープの天使です。

Little sweet hope with Sulivette from Voz Canina. Thank you, Sulivette!!! You are Hope's angel.

Voz Canina から Sulivette の小さな希望。
ありがとう Sulivette!!! あなたはホープの天使です。


2013 01 24 img1

Look at how comfortably Hope has settled in Sulivette's lap. And look at how happy animal rescuer Sulivette is from Voz Canina! You look marvelous, darling! Obviously, Hope was someone's pet, and was abandoned as so many of these animals are in Puerto Rico. The animal welfare problem is beyond a crisis.

Voz Caninal の動物救助者 Sulivette の幸せそうな顔と Sulivette の膝の上で満足気なホープを見て下さい。
あなたは素晴らしい ダーリン!。ホープが誰かに飼われていたのは明白です。

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2013年1月21日 http://www.kellyandbuzz.com/index.php/the-hachiko-animal-federation/item/158-2013-01-21 http://www.kellyandbuzz.com/index.php/the-hachiko-animal-federation/item/158-2013-01-21 2013年1月21日

This morning, Lynn Descoteau was at La Guancha, a marina in Ponce, Puerto Rico, and she encountered this dog in terrible conditions, obviously dumped by someone. Lynn gave it food and water.
It was scared and would not let her touch it.
This is yet another reality.
These are the street dogs of Puerto Rico.
The street dogs exist because of the many irresponsible owners on the island.
There is a cultural belief that its best to dump the dogs when they no longer want them.
Do they not think of the hunger and thirst these dogs will endure?
Have you ever been thirsty or hungry for just one hour?
Doesn't that feel terrible?
Think about how it would feel for days and days. (Ines)

今朝、リン・ Descoteauは、プエルトリコのPonce マリーナの La Guanchaにいました。そして彼女はあきらかに放棄された悲惨な状況のこの犬に出会いました。

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2013年1月20日 http://www.kellyandbuzz.com/index.php/the-hachiko-animal-federation/item/157-2013-01-20 http://www.kellyandbuzz.com/index.php/the-hachiko-animal-federation/item/157-2013-01-20 2013年1月20日

Dear friends: As the vice-president of the Hachiko Animal Federation's Puerto Rico efforts, I have been supporting the cat colony of the Old Mayaguez Cemetery in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and its caretakers (Alexis Rivera Rivera, Yarimar Padua and Nancy Colberg) with funds, including personally delivering bags of cat food in December.

The colony caretakers are constantly in need of funds to continue with their spay and neuter efforts, including the donation of bags of cat food, cat litter, litter boxes, beds, etc.

They are also running a Chip-in.

Please consider visiting their page and donating.

As the Hachiko Animal Federation in Puerto Rico continues to build up its financial resources, we will be assisting this group more.

They are a favorite of mine. (Ines)


私は、旧マヤグエス墓地の猫コロニーで介護をしている(アレクシス・リベラ、Yarima Paduaそしてナンシー・コルバーグ)を12月にキャットフードを個人的に寄付したのを含め、サポートをしています。

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10 dogs! 10 dogs! A pack of 10 dog in Utuado, Puerto Rico.

This was taken by a Pets Alive Puerto Rico, a wonderful animal rescue group on the island funded by Sidewalk Angels, which is the Rob & Marisol Thomas foundation.

Rob Thomas is the lead singer from Matchbox 20, and his wife, Marisol, a former model, is Puerto Rican.


10匹の犬! 10匹の犬! プエルトリコの Utuadoで10匹の犬の群れ

これはPets Alive Puerto Ricoによって撮影されました。
Pets Alive Puerto Ricoは、島の素晴らしい救助グループでロブとマリソル・トーマス基金の歩道の天使によって助成されています。
ロブ・トーマスは、Matchbox 20のリードシンガーで彼の妻 マリソルは元モデルのプエルトリコ人です。

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2013年1月3日 http://www.kellyandbuzz.com/index.php/the-hachiko-animal-federation/item/155-2013-01-03 http://www.kellyandbuzz.com/index.php/the-hachiko-animal-federation/item/155-2013-01-03 2013年1月3日

This is one of the puppies from the image I posted the other day.
The puppy was rescued in Catano, P.R.
Out of the litter, he is one of the ones not doing so well.
He is weak and is not eating. (Ines)


子犬はプエルトリコのカタノ( Catano )で救助されました。


This is why the Hachiko Animal Federation has expanded to Puerto Rico.
This dog was rescued yesterday and cannot use his back legs.
He will be taken to the veterinarian.
We will need to help the rescuer with funds. (Ines)


これは私たち”Hachiko Animal Federation(ハチ公動物連盟)”がプエルトリコに活動を広げた理由です。


2013 01 03 img3

This is a common sight in Puerto Rico. This is what happens to the homeless dogs. :(



2013 01 03 img2

Lynn and I just visited La Suiza veterinary clinic in Guanica, Puerto Rico.
La Suiza means the Swiss One.
Dr. Dianne Cuenod is from Switzerland. She and her partner Dora do a lot for the animals in this area.
We will be joining forces with them..
Yey!!!! Sorry picture is blurry...they were very busy. (Ines)

リンと私は、プエルトリコ アニカのLa Suiza獣医クリニックを訪れました。
La Suizaはスイスを意味します。 Dianne Cuenod博士はスイスからきました。
彼女と彼女のパートナー Doraはこの地域で動物のために多くのことを行っています。
イェー! 写真がぶれてすみません…彼女たちはたいへん忙しかった。


2013 01 03 img4

Lynn and I scouted the area today (Ensenada) for homeless dogs and cats and to assess the situation on the ground.
This is what we came upon. One passerby, a Puerto Rican said, "Well, that's life." As a Puerto Rican, I am ashamed of that attitude and will work for change to help the animals. (Ines)



2013 01 03 img5

An update on the puppy I posted earlier:
He is at a veterinary clinic receiving IV fluids!! (Ines)



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