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金曜, 08 3月 2013 00:48

2013年 1月29日

I've had a long and hard day at work trying to get two reports out to the federal government by Thursday.
I'm about to go to bed, and vowed that I would not look at my personal FB feeds because it would just cause me too much additional anguish and anxiety seeing the many images of abandoned and starving street dogs in Puerto Rico, and the grassroots rescuers asking for much-needed help, and what do I do?
I look though my feeds, right before bed, and I encounter this large-framed dog, skin and bones.
My stomach is in knots and I feel nausea...it's just emotional, it's anxiety.
I HATE seeing dogs in this condition; it's inhumane.
The society is sick, sick, sick! Luckily, the dog was rescued, but we need to help the rescuers and the dog.
Animalitos de Dios PR is another of my favorite rescue group. Oh...this is never ending, and I wish it would end.
The government of Puerto Rico MUST do something about this. (Ines)


日曜, 27 1月 2013 00:00

2013年 1月27日

Here is Hope with her foster mommy! Thank you foster mommy! We will soon need to find hope a FUR-ever home! (Ines)

2013 01 27 img1

This is Hope, our collaborative rescue at La Guancha in Ponce with Sulivette from Voz Canina.
In this picture, Hope is on her way to her foster mommy in Juncos, Puerto Rico.
Notice how bad the mange is.
But she is on her way to recovery!

この子はホープ、PomceのLa Guanchaでの私たちとVoz GaninaのSalivetteとの共同救助です。

2013 01 27 img2

Here is another picture of Hope riding in the car on her way to Juncos, P.R. (Ines)



土曜日, 26 1月 2013 00:00

2013年 1月26日

This is not our rescue, but it is one of Voz Canina's rescues. About 4 hrs ago, this puppy was left at a local shelter, one of the very few. Sulivette, our hero, could not leave him there. He has been named Zack. They are going to provide him with veterinary care and they need a foster home for his healing process. Soon, this little cutie will be available for adoption. If you wish to donate, please do so directly to her group – Voz Canina.

これは私たちのレスキューではありませんが Voz Canina のレスキューの一つです。
私たちのヒーロー Sulvette は彼をそこに置き去りにすることができませんでした。
もし、あなたが寄付をしたい場合は、直接彼女のグループ Voz Canina へ寄付をして下さい。

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