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2013年 1月24日

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Here is another picture of Hope at Dr. Rivera's office located in the town of Juana Diaz. She has sarcoptic mange or canine scabies and is positive for Ehrlichia, a bacteria transmitted by ticks. She tested negative for heartworms. She has been vaccinated and has begun her treatment. We are helping Voz Canina with the veterinary costs (Ines)

これは Juan Diaz の町にある Rivera博士のオフィスでのホープの写真です。
彼女はヒゼンダニ症、またはイヌ疥癬をもっています。また エーリキア、ダニによって媒介される細菌は陽性です。
私たちは獣医費用で Voz Cnaina を支援します。(イネスより)


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This is our first rescue! Thanks to animal rescuer Sulivette from Voz Canina in Ponce, and Lynn's husband, David, this little sweet pup that we have called "Hope" will never be on the streets foraging for food and water and a comfortable place to sleep again. Thank you, Sulivette!!! You are Hope's angel. We will be assisting Sulivette with funds for Hope's veterinary expenses from the funds that you, our dear followers have donated!! Now, we just need to find Hope a home! (Ines)

Ponce の Voz Canina の Sulivette とリンのご主人のデビットに感謝をします。
ありがとう Sulivette! あなたはホープの天使です。

Little sweet hope with Sulivette from Voz Canina. Thank you, Sulivette!!! You are Hope's angel.

Voz Canina から Sulivette の小さな希望。
ありがとう Sulivette!!! あなたはホープの天使です。


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Look at how comfortably Hope has settled in Sulivette's lap. And look at how happy animal rescuer Sulivette is from Voz Canina! You look marvelous, darling! Obviously, Hope was someone's pet, and was abandoned as so many of these animals are in Puerto Rico. The animal welfare problem is beyond a crisis.

Voz Caninal の動物救助者 Sulivette の幸せそうな顔と Sulivette の膝の上で満足気なホープを見て下さい。
あなたは素晴らしい ダーリン!。ホープが誰かに飼われていたのは明白です。

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