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2012年 3月20日(火)

In addition to our visual petition of pets protesting the treatment of the animals left behind in Fukushima (which we have been sending to government officials since October), we began this traditional petition, we had hoped for 2000 signatures, we were fortunate to have the 3.11 Japan Animal Rescue Groups admin collect 250 signatures at a March 11th event, and we are thrilled to announce we are thus far at 3335 signatures in total. Thank you so much. We sent the first round of signatures last week, the next round of signatures will be hand delivered tomorrow. Thank you once again.


The Japan Ministry of Environment (MOE) 誰に:日本環境庁: Allowing private groups to rescue animals 個人動物救助隊への保護許可要求。


This news article discusses the work of various animal shelters and the struggle of keeping a shelter afloat and finding new pet parents for those who are still displaced from the nuclear disaster. Many animals only wish they could be in a shelter, instead they remain in the 20 km zone, fending for themselves, for 332 days, 15 hours and 32 minutes.


Citizen groups fight to save displaced pets


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