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2012年 3月11日(日)


March 11, 2011. Please take a moment to remember the Animals Left Behind in Fukushima. One year later many are still alive and wait to be rescued. We will always remember....




Charles and Yoshiko named him Balboa (as in Rocky). The vet confirmed that his injuries are a result of a fight , an educated guess would be that it was over food. Balboa also has a parasite, so he was prescribed meds and antibiotics. He is on his way to Animal Friends Niigata where the loving hands of Isabella Gallaon Aoki will nurture him back to health.

チャールズと佳子さんは彼をバルボア(映画「ロッキー」の主人公)と名付けました。 獣医師は、経験と憶測で彼の傷は食物上での喧嘩だろうと判断しました。 バルボアにも寄生虫がいるので、薬と抗生物質が処方されました。 彼は、健康を取り戻すためにイザベラ・ガラオン・青木さんが手をさしのべるアニマルフレンズ新潟へ向かっています。

Charles and Yoshiko March Rescues

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