Kelly and Buzz

2012年 2月12日(日)

From the admin of the Loyal Tsunami Dogs, Cat and Animals of Japan facebook page after attending Dr. Imamoto's event yesterday in San Francisco: " I was so thrilled to meet Dr. Shigeki Imamoto today! Dr. Imamoto has done so much work to help the animals in Fukushima's exclusion zone. By helping the animals, he is also helping the people. It's so painful to hear the stories of how the loss of pets and farm animals has affected the people of Japan. I feel it is my personal responsibility to do all possible to help him get this information out to the rest of the world. I hope others will find him just as inspiring as I do. Thank you, Dr. Imamoto, from the bottom of my heart"

昨日のサンフランシスコの今本獣医師のイベントに参加した後、Fcebookページ Loyal Tsunami Dogs, Cats and Animals of Japanの管理者さんから


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