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2012年 2月8日(水)

At the National Evacuation Conference in New Orleans, LA. This is the order for the Panel 17 presentations tomorrow, Wednesday, February 8, 2012.
Panel 17: Animal Evacuation Issues and Nuclear Emergencies:
Dr. Shigeki Imamoto, DVM, Shinjo Animal Hospital, "Animals in the Fukushima Exclusion Zone after the Fukushima Power Plant Accident"
Ines Aviles-Spadoni, M.S., University of Florida & Hachiko Coalition "Creating an Evacuation Plan for Livestock during Emergency Disasters: The Case of Fukushima, Japan"
Dick Green, Ed.D, Director Disaster Response, ASPCA will be discussing IFAW’s response and the ensuing summit in Tokyo and the committee’s recommendations and the application to planning in the U.S.

ニューオリンズ(ルイジアナ)でのNational Evacuation Conference(国家避難会議)
Ines Aviles-Spadoni(フロリダ大学、Hachiko Coalition、理学修士)緊急災害時の家畜の避難計画:福島県の事例
Dick Green(職業学位、災害対応ディレクター、ASPCA(動物虐待防止協会))IFAWの対応について、東京サミット後の委員会の勧告、アメリカでの計画の適用

National Evacuation Conference


Dr. Imamoto will be discussing his experiences in the Fukushima nuclear exclusion zone, followed by Ines Aviles-Spadoni, who will be presenting a livestock evacuation plan created by Chrysafis Vogiatzis of the University of Florida and supervised by Dr. Ruriko Yoshida, that usea mathematical models and algorithms to develop an emergency evacuation plan based on the Fukushima network.
Dr. Dick Green will be discussing IFAW's response to the animal situation in the nuclear exclusion zone, the committee's recommendations after the Tokyo Summit on the Fukushima animal issue and its applications to animal evacuation planning in the U.S.

今本獣医師は、福島原発警戒区域内での彼の経験を話します。 次に、アイネス Aviles-Spadoniは、フロリダ大学のChrysafis Vogiatzisが作成した家畜の避難計画について発表します。そして吉田ルリ子博士は、福島のネットワークを基にした緊急避難計画を策定するための数式モデルとアルゴリズムを発表します。


Tomorrow, we will be at the National Evacuation Conference in New Orleans. We are privledged to have Dr. Imamoto there with us. The name of our presentation will be "Evacuation Planning for Livestock In Case of a Nuclear Power Plant Accident". We will be speaking right before IFAW takes the stage, where they will discuss how companion animals are impacted after a nuclear accident. We look forward to participating in this event and continuing to pressure the government to rescue the animals of Fukushima. Thank you.

明日、私たちはニューオリンズでNational Evacuation Conference(国家避難会議)に参加します。

Fukushima, Animals 911

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