Isabella Gallaon-Aokiさん 雑種犬のケリー、アフガンハウンドのバズと暮らす毎日、今回は東日本大震災で被災した動物たちの救助活動を行っている人々を紹介します。 Tue, 19 Nov 2019 06:19:59 +0900 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management ja-jp WE WILL BE STARTING A CHIP IN FOR ISABELLA animal_friends_niigata_img01

Animal friends Niigata is applying for a permit. THE HACHIKO COALITION WILL BE STARTING A CHIP IN FOR ISABELLA, TODAY.

This should not come as a surprise, Isabella is considered to be an icon in Japan, she has been the face of rescue for the animals of Fukushima since 3.11, she has worked with everyone you have come to trust, Charles Harmison, Yoshiko Wada, The Hoshi family to name a few. She has sheltered hundreds of animals from this disaster, including Charles and Hoshi's rescues from the zone, and will now be taking in much more. We ask for your support. Thank you.

アニマルフレンズ新潟は、制限区域立ち入り許可の申請をしています。THE HACHIKO COALITIONは、今日からイザベラさんへの支援を開始します。これは驚くべきことではありません。イザベラさんは、3月11日から福島の動物達の救助・保護活動を行っており、日本では良く知られている存在です。いくつか例をあげると、彼女は信頼できるCarles Harmisonさん、Yohiko Wadaさん、HOSHI FAMILYと一緒に動物の救助・保護に取り組んできました。彼女は、この災害からCharlesとHoshi Familyが保護した動物達を含め多くの動物達を保護しています。そして現在も多くの動物達を引き取っています。皆様のご支援をお願いします。


This is Bambi. She is a resident at Animal Friends Niigata. We will be having a chipin page for Isabella for financial donations as she too applied for a permit for the zone. She is the core shelter group for the majority of rescue teams we profile, she is also an active rescuer herself and has been one of the most instrumental figures saving the animals impacted from the earthquake and tsunami. Animal Friends Niigara is home to hundreds of animals, and will soon, be home to much more. She will need your support, tremendously. Thank you



ChipIn: The cat rooms at JEARS' coalition shelter Animal Friends Niigata (AFN)

※ The Hachiko CoalitionのFacebookページから転載をしています。

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